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Delivers high school course offerings from the University of Nebraska, through their Independent Study High School, which was founded in 1929. The high school is fully accredited, offers more than 150 courses, and has over 6,000 students currently enrolled in every state and in 135 countries worldwide.

  • CyberSchool

    CyberSchool is not a school in the traditional sense. It is a collection of high school credit courses that are taught entirely over the Internet to students around the world.

  • North Dakota Division of Independent Study

    The Division of Independent Study, a division of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, was established in 1935 by the North Dakota legislature to provide distance education courses for student in grades 5-12.

  • Virtual High School

    The Virtual High School will be offering high school courses in all of the major subject areas for all grade levels. The curriculum is developed and delivered by qualified educators within their professional disciplines. Standards are set by the Ministry of Education and Training in Ontario, The Huron County Board of Education, the principal and the administration of the Virtual High School.

  • APEX

    Advanced Placement Excellence offers Advanced Placement courses via the Internet.

  • Virtual Learning Academy 

The courses are designed for homeschooling parents from all philosophical orientations for the purpose of empowering parents to develop teaching skills and promote homeschooling as a viable educational choice.

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