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  • The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Summary: This document offers answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding distance learning, also known as distance education, or non-traditional education. Distance learning most commonly involves the earning of post-secondary credits via non-traditional means, i.e., correspondence courses, and college courses via the Internet, TV, radio, satellite, etc.

  • Distance Education and Training Council

    The Distance Education and Training Council (formerly the National Home Study Council) is a non profit educational association located in Washington, D.C. DETC serves as a clearinghouse of information about the distance study/correspondence field and sponsors a nationally recognized accrediting agency called the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.

  • Real Education

    Real Education's mission is to build and manage complete online university campuses and continuing education centers for our clients. Our goal is to affiliate with major universities, community college consortiums, corporations and major continuing education providers to provide a total distance learning solution for your organization.

  • Online Course Example

    These course templates are intended to help educators and educational service providers to quickly make course information available online via the World Wide Web.

  • QuizMaker Online Service

    The popular METRD QuizMaker program is now a FREE service for educators. Without any knowledge of HTML you can instantly create Internet-based quizzes for distance learning and online lesson plans.

  • Magideas ClassWise

    The low-bandwidth software suite designed to deliver distance education in real-time. The software incorporates standard presentation software with voice, slide control, whiteboard annotations, text chat, and recording and playback capabilities. ClassWise is ideally suited for anyone who wishes to expand the educational process, whether it is through the global Internet or a local intranet. It is idea for distance education, corporate training, departmental training, briefings, capturing and linking PowerPoint presentations with audio and annotations for later playback, and much more.


    is a network linking post-secondary course and program developers, faculty, administrators and learners interested in technologically-mediated teaching and learning. Our prime focus is on the needs and interests of post-secondary distance educators and learners, but NODE activities reflect the fact that these needs and interests are shared by more and more faculty, administrators and learners as communications and information technologies are integrated into post-secondary learning.

  • Distance Education Resource Sites (WWW and Gopher)

    How can I learn more without spending my life doing it? This page provides a listing of sites related to distance education and educational telecommunications topic areas or providers. While not intended to be comprehensive, it is regularly maintained and revised. Annotation is kept to a minimum -- browsing will provide a general overview, and if you find a site of particular interest to you, you can save and annotate it. Think of this as a collection where the first steps in sifting and winnowing WWW information pertaining to distance education have already been done for you. This is not a ranked listing, but rather a listing the compiler has found valuable.

  • Teaching Online

    This course covers the theory and practice of facilitating online education. Topics include: online technologies, the virtual classroom, characteristics of online interaction, facilitating online group discussions, preparing online educational activities, designing online courses, from text-based to multimedia environments, models of education in the future.

  • An Introduction to WebCT (World Wide Web-Course Tool)

    WebCT is a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments. It can be used to create entire on-line courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement existing courses. WebCT requires minimal technical expertise on the part of the developer of the educational material (course from now on) , and on the part of the student. WebCT was developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

  • The Internet University - College Courses by Computer

    Welcome : This site has almost 300 individual pages of info. It is the most comprehensive source of information about online college courses available on the Internet today. This site is the companion site for the book The Internet University published by Cape Software, and is provided by the publisher as a service to the educational and Internet communities.

  • Online Information

    The International Centre for Distance Learning at the UK Open University continues to offer free online access to its distance education database.

  • Lifelong Learning Home Page

    offer articles on how to locate and select an online university along with the Guide to Online Colleges & Virtual Universities. Lifelong Learning is a private consulting firm that researches, develops, and authors adult and distance education materials and reports for the general public and in partnership with private providers. We strive to provide "Accessible Information for Beleagured Midlife Minds." (SM)

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