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EdSeal of Approval Award Winners

EdSeal of Approval Award of Internet Educational Excellence

Submit a Nomination for the EdSeal of Approval Award is an all-encompassing web community for the IT industry. Serving as a professional development one-stop shop for IT professionals, it provides everything an IT professional needs for career advancement from assessment of one's goals to training to certification and job placement.'s blend of on-line courses, career mentoring, expert certification support and industry information matches the unique needs of IT professionals.

Membership, besides allowing access to IT training courses, provides access to Ed Tittel's excellent e-book Certification Essentials, The Career Advisor, which generates personalized Certification Roadmaps that point you in the right direction, a resume builder and Job bank.

The online courses are streamed multi-media presentations with 'live' instructors and slide shows presented in approximately 10 minute segments which provides flexibility to resume studying at ones convinence. A nice feature is the ability to chat live with fellow students while taking the course or just for a break between learning. The community features of the site include regularly scheduled chats with certified instructors available to answer your questions and message boards to ask questions of fellow students, instructors and the staff of LeapIT.

The LeapIT web site still has some rough edges, such as the poorly structured message boards, but this is to be expected from a still developing community and the friendly, helpful and responsive staff more then make up for these current short comings. receives the EdSeal of Approval. has assembled the world's largest electronic academic catalog of continuing education courses on the Internet. Use the EduPointer search box and enter a world of more than 1.5 million classes of varying certificate and degree levels from learning providers worldwide.

Register for the learning program of your choice right online. You also can easily find information on financial aid, certification testing and career planning.

The web site is well designed and lets the user get straight to their task. Search for offline or distance education programs quickly and easily. receives the EdSeal of Approval. is a free service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web. Without knowing any HTML, you can quickly create your own CourseSiteTM - a Web site that brings your learning materials, class discussions, and even tests online.

Well laid out areas for instructor posted announcements, course assignments and course materials work well for both course creators and students. Blackboard classrooms offer ease of navigation with various online communication and work areas including threaded message board, live chat, and shared pages.

Also available is an e-commerce enabled version for $100 that allows you to accept payment for attendance of your course creation, technical support and some advanced options. receives the EdSeal of Approval.


NovaNET Campus


NovaNET Campus /

NovaNET Campus offers over 1,200 lessons ranging from elementary addition to calculus; from spelling to job searching. Campus also provides a powerful testing center which includes GED and SAT preparation.

NovaNET Campus brings these lessons to your computer, together with easy-to-use student management features. Pre- and post-tests are included, which provide instant results and allow teachers, parents and students to monitor progress.

You will need to download and install the small proprietary Campus software to get set-up and logon to use the service. The
interface is somewhat dated and it's well advised to take the new
users navigation tutorial to get the hang of getting about.

NovaNET Campus receives the EdSeal of Approval.


NewDeal Inc.


NewDeal Inc. 

Have you got an old 286 or 386 computer gathering dust in your
garage or basement? Well have we found a deal for you!

NewDeal SchoolSuite is an easy to use, graphical desktop software for computers with as little as a 286 processor, 640K RAM and 10MB of free hard disk space. SchoolSuite is an integrated point-and-click application suite - with wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database and Internet browser able to run effectively on the tens of millions of computers left behind by today's bloated software.

NewDeal has a generous Educational Site License Program and Academic Version pricing for students and teachers. Also available are Office and WebSuites.

NewDeal receives the EdSeal of Approval. 

freeENGLISH is a free multimedia Internet delivered ESL/EFL English as a Second/Foreign Language ) course designed by educators to help anyone learn how to speak accent free English. The freeENGLISH program first teaches you the sounds required to speak English clearly then shows you how to assemble these sounds to build words and sentences.

The setup and installation are straight forward and presentation impressive but the interface does take some learning and requires a minimum Pentium 90 multimedia computer system and the Macromedia FLASH ActiveX control installed. receives the EdSeal of Approval. 

In a previous issue of EdSurfDigest our torch shined on's free trial introductory online courses. I partook of The Microsoft Managing Users and Groups free trial course offering.

Scholar's courses are a combination CBT (Computer Based Training) with online support elements. The main free course content is available in online streaming or downloadable format. Regular courses are provided on CD-ROM. The main course material was well presented with supplemental daily email questions, helpdesk scenarios to solve and online labs. Friendly live 24 hour online support combined with speedy same day email responses provided a supportive learning atmosphere.

Take up on one of their free introductory offering and they'll even mail you a certification of completion along with a informational packet. receives the EdSeal of Approval.


Yeah Write


Yeah Write ~ A Word Processor for the rest of us. 

Tired of that expensive, complex, resource hogging word processor? Want to dash off a quick note, document or school report with ease? Yeah Write is for you! Clean simple colourful* file cabinet interface with powerful features such as built in templates for Notes, Letters, Journals and more. Spellchecker, Search and Replace and Formatting options by the pail full. All this and it fits on a single floppy disk. Also available in a commercial version with additional templates, email documents directly and more features for a bargain $20 US. Unbelievably cheap educational license too!

Yeah Write receives the EdSeal of Approval.


EdSeal of Approval

The EdSeal of Approval of Internet Educational Excellence is awarded to sites providing outstanding educational service or products to the Internet community.

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